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Our Mission

Mission Statement

The mission of SYMPATHETIC STEPS TO SUCCESS is to improve the quality of life for persons with developmental disabilities through the provision of quality behavior supports.  

We will accomplish our mission by conducting behavioral assessments and developing behavior support plans with professionalism and utilizing the least intrusive methods possible.  We strive to support people in having satisfying and productive lives; achieving personal goals, outcomes, and optimal independence; and enjoying the same rights, freedoms, and responsibilities as their fellow Tennesseans.  

SYMPATHETIC STEPS TO SUCCESS adopts the following values as its basis for service delivery to people with developmental disabilities:

     Individual Worth
  • We commit that we shall promote the dignity and worth and protect the rights of the people we serve.  We shall advocate whenever necessary to assist people with exercising their rights.  We shall treat people with respect and dignity through our actions and through the use of person-centered language.   

  • We commit that the people for whom we provide services shall be given every opportunity to participate in and make choices and decisions about their services.  We further pledge our commitment to promoting a positive support model of services.

     Protection From Harm
  • We endeavor to ensure that people for whom we provide services are protected from harm and from situations that may put a person at risk.

     Effective Services
  • We strive to provide the most effective and least restrictive behavioral interventions based on empirically-validated procedures. We strive toward excellence in the delivery of our services. We support our employees to further develop their skills in providing effective services.

     Community Inclusion
  • We support community inclusion for people with developmental disabilities so that they may enjoy the full range of opportunities and experiences. We support the utilization of natural supports and generic services to the greatest extent possible.

     Professionalism and Ethics
  • We support the principles of professionalism and ethics as detailed in the Code of Ethics of the Tennessee Association for Behavior Analysis.  We strive to use the least restrictive interventions that are effective and remain determined to keep client information confidential.


SYMPATHETIC STEPS TO SUCCESS adopts the following fundamental service principles to guide service delivery for persons with developmental disabilities:

  • Flexible and stable service systems which promote advocacy, effective communication, targeted  outcomes, continuous evaluation, and improvement based upon best practices and research.
  • Early identification of needs, including prevention and early intervention services and supports.
  • Timely response to the needs, rights, and desires of those served.
  • Treating service recipients and their families with dignity and respect.
  • Protecting those served from abuse, neglect, and exploitation.
  • Good stewardship and accurate, responsible accountability for the use of public resources.
  • Ongoing education and support for skills development of employees.
  • Cultural competence of persons providing services.

Note: This manual is based upon information available at the time of compilation
and may need to be revised as DIDS changes procedures or the Provider
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